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The journey of success starts with the step you are ready to change your life

Where is good place for bid and shop - Westminster, London - Free Classi Press The journey of success starts with the step you are ready to change your life and take action. Everyone here at Zeekrewards want to thank you and congratulate for taking this first step to join us. You have joined the most innovative and exciting money-making company ever. Just follow our proven steps to success with the required action and you will quickly find the success you deserve. First Step: Contact the person who introduced you to Zeek and thank them. Ask them what you should do to get started and what they can do to help you? Have them give you the contact information for other people who are working with them to help build the team. This way you can contact others for help and direction when you need it. Second Step: Take the time to check out: Your Business Opportunity site: Read all the information and study your site. Then Log-in to your ZeekRewards back office at the top, right-hand corner of your screen using your password and study your back office. Make sure to watch the video on how to use your back office. Third Step: Take the time to check out: Your Auction Site: - Advertise, refer and earn 20% on every personally referred customers bid pack purchases. Fourth Step: Check out: Your Retail Store: - Advertise, refer and earn the difference between your wholesale discounted price and the retail price listed in your retail store. Gold affiliates can customize pricing plus add their own products and categories to their retail store! Diamond affiliates not only save/earn a great deal more - they also have extensive customizability of their store’s look and feel! Fifth Step: Check Out: Your Shopping Daisy: now there are many resource for your searching at

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