Thứ Bảy, 20 tháng 6, 2009

The Praying of the mother


I have thought about my elder brother .He has lived in The USA for 32 years also I has wanted giving him the picture " Your Mother " Presenting in the title " The praying of the Mother" Do you know ? The meanings of the The Mother.
M = Million things that the Mother has given it for you
O = Old! that all things she has lasted in her life therefore She has become Old
T = Tears . That is all her tears She has dropped in her lifetime for you
H = Heart . Oh! Heart . It is the golden heart for the people on the world
E = Eyes . It is her eyes that is allway looking after you on your way that you has lived
R = The Right . Oh! Right That is the matural things She has adviced you
In My country "The Mother 's day " is not on the May 13 . because All my people has been buddist That they has affected the thoungt of the feudal era for a long time . Therefore The Mother's day is offen on the celebrating day of the buddist It is a lunar day. It has been call " le Vu Lan " the middle day of the month of July . It has belonged the story of The buddism . It is a legent story . That has been told about the monks . He has been become a angel and then He had gone to the heal for viting her mother .In Vietnam That has been called " Muc Lien - Thanh De " . The story has told us in the meaning of the religion .
But in the day" may 13 " according to the weastern thoungt has been call the Mother's day .In the both ways . We has been happy because We have our mother . That all the mothers are allway praying the god save her sons or daughters having happy lifetime and the world has stopped the unreasonable war that has killed their sons
Oh! let us listening the sounds of the Mothers