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…Any and every person who plans on or is already marketing ANYTHING online.

With JVManager, you and your customers will be able to… Save Precious Time — No more being endlessly bogged down with trivial tasks. You’re now free to focus on the IMPORTANT stuff, like making money! Eliminate Frustration — Everything is in one place, at your fingertips. No more fruitless searching for the key piece of information. Reduce Your Stress — JVManager is the best stress reducer an Internet marketer can have. You will sleep better, and work better because you’re no longer sweating the small stuff. It’s taken care of AUTOMATICALLY. Easily Streamline Your Operations to make them smooooooooth flowing and practically effortless. Enhance Your Professional Image by appearing to your customer to be a big shot with a full time staff, even if you’re just a little shot trying to be big. Enjoy Maximum Flexibility, have it your way, run your business the way YOU want. Possess Endless Marketing Options, just like the big boys. Do limited offers, special offers, bundled offers, timed offers, coupons, multi-tiered payments, bonus points, special affiliate deals, backend sales, upsells, membership sites and so much more. Discover Additional Income Streams with your current products and services. Set Aside More Time to focus on the activities that MAKE you money, because you’re spending far LESS time worrying about the never-ending small stuff Have Happier Customers, because their needs are met IMMEDIATELY. With JVManager you and your customers will enjoy… more TIME, more FREEDOM, more OPTIONS, and you’ll discover more ways to make more MONEY… I’ll bet right about now you’re wondering… “If JVManager is so great, how is it I can buy resale rights to it? Why doesn’t the creator sell it himself?” Great question! John Delavera, the father of Turbo Marketing, designed JVManager to be everything Internet Marketers needed, and more. And once the program was created, he didn’t stop there. He added more than 70+ improvements and new features, or upgrades, over the next three years. Internet marketers have earned and continue to earn FORTUNES using JVManager. John sold a lot of copies of JVManager. Then, John developed Fantasos™. It’s a lot like JVManager, only it’s for the BIG DOGS of Internet marketing, the guys who are SERIOUS six and seven figure earners. Fantasos is like JVManager on Steroids, and it has a BIG PRICE TAG to prove it. John now focuses all of his efforts on Fantasos. But JVManager fills a niche. A HUGE niche… …Comprised of all the new marketers who are short on funds, …all the part-time marketers who are earning modest incomes, …all the frustrated marketers who have been working hard at getting nowhere fast, …and all the marketers who want to “test the waters” before investing in Fantasos. Frankly, the market for JVManager is far BIGGER than it is for Fantasos! But crazy as it sounds, John doesn’t have the time to devote to JVManager anymore. That’s where YOU come in. Offering your customers JVManager can be the BIGGEST favor you ever do for them. It can also be one of the most LUCRATIVE things you do for yourself. JVManager was developed with Internet Marketers in mind. It works PERFECTLY for Internet Marketers. That means IMers have used it and continue to use it to generate FORTUNES. It’s very difficult (impossible!) to find a script other than JVManager or Fantasos that you can TRUST in dealing with your money, your affiliates, your sales and your JV Partners. JVManager has been the KEY ingredient in thousands of Internet campaigns that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each. It’s also the one tool most Internet marketers wouldn’t give up unless you stuck a gun to their head. And even then, most of them would have to think it over ;-) JVManager is a stable, PROVEN script that will continue to service online businesses for years to come. So WHY stop offering it? Now THAT would be crazy. now by with links for your searching at

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