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What do you need for a good squeeze page?

There are a number of pieces that go into creating a good squeeze page.Probably the most important is the layout of the page. Creating a good template for your squeeze page and testing and tweaking it can take quite a bit of time. All of the time you spend doing that will cost you subscribers as you work to get your squeeze page converting properly. After all if only 2% of your visitors sign up instead of 20% you have lost quite a few chances to get people to return.That is one of the big advantages of using the tested templates offered by ISPG. No learning curve to cost you subscribers. Check it out at Next time we’ll discuss graphics and how to use them. Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a service offered by Robert Puddy (known for various Internet marketing tools and services). The service helps you create squeeze pages using a simple point and click system. It also gives you access to multiple templates and professionally designed graphics to help get you more opt-ins subscribers. Detailed Overview One of the best ways to convert prospects into customers is email. Rather than try to sell them a product or service right off the bat, email allows you to build a relationship with your prospects and educate them on the benefits of what you are selling. Because of this, many marketers are using squeeze pages to follow up with their prospects. If you don’t know what a squeeze page is, it is basically a landing page in which the only goal and function is to get people to sign up to your email list or autoresponder sequence. The Instant Squeeze Page Generator helps you create high quality squeeze pages without spending time with HTML or hiring somebody to do it for you. This tool is also great for those who do not have web hosting. You can use the service to host your squeeze page rather than put it on your own account. The one thing you do need is an autoresponder/email marketing service such as Aweber or GetResponse. You will have to grab the autoresponder code and place it on the page so when visitors fill out the form they are added to your email database for later contact. I found the Instant Squeeze Page Generator very straightforward and easy to use. You start out by choosing a template, using a background image, creating the headline, writing the main content, and finish it off by adding the code. You also have the option of adding a free bonus provided by the service. There are a few bonuses you can choose from. The ebook cover and ebook download (PLR Internet marketing books) is provided by the service to help you entice visitors to sign up. And don’t worry about uploading the ebook as it is hosted on their site. Reputation In final, Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a really handy tool for people who don’t have the time or money to build their own squeeze page or hire somebody to do it. The service walks you through every step of the process without any issues. Just point and click all the templates, graphics, etc. to customize your own squeeze page. The service does provide an upgrade where you get access to more giveaway bonuses and some of Robert’s other products. It’s up to you whether you want to upgrade to the one-time-offer, but many customers who have bought it have stated that the upgrade was valuable and worth the investment. Domain "Whois" The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The Whois information for "Instant Squeeze Page Generator" is public which is generally a good thing. This indicates the owner of this site has nothing to hide. Check it out here Now I give you more my offer That you can make it for your owning at New! New! New! New! New! New! New! New! Ohloh profile for hoploh

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