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Many people realize that They can do more things with ...

Many people realize that with certain programs, if you get in right at the beginning of a launch, you can quickly multiply your money. In the first week of JSS, over 700 Member positions cycled, representing over $40,000 in member earnings. This was a substantial growth spurt. Every week or so, we relaunch JSS-Booster, which is like a "new JSS" or "mini-JSS," enabling members who buy positions early to double (and further multiply) their money in a day or so. After a few days, we shut down JSS-Booster and merge all its uncycled positions into the longterm (ongoing) JSS. This results in a great deal of cycling because it adds about 1,000 positions to the longterm (ongoing) JSS. Then we empty JSS-Booster so it's ready for the next launch. So JSS-Booster is applied every week or so to provide a growth spurt to JSS. It's basically a way of duplicating the very successful JSS launch to maximize member earnings, both shortterm and longterm! Because of the multiple programs some members may find the JSS member area complex. Please regard navigating the JSS member area as a learning exercise, particularly to learn to overcome obstacles and to not give up too easily. To the extent that you improve your ability to overcome obstacles, you'll become more successful in life generally. For a video on how to fund your JSS account and buy JSS-Tripler positions, Click banner

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