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You are an IT staff or an IT managers who work in IT for a company, you have more ideas to improve the operation of IT to support a better business, but you do not know how to begin, lack of confidence to do, because you do not have much experience, and lack of tools to implement your ideas. ITToolset site will provide you with over 500 tools focus on operations management skills (Organisation - People - Process- Technology) to help your confidence, initiative to implement any ideas, Plan IT or IT related requirements for the IT organization or your business.
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* IT Management support forms
With over 500 forms for IT managers to include all types (Forms, Checklists, Templates, scorecards, Procedures, Flowchart, Guidance, ..)
1. Templates: Use to make the deliverable results.
2. Forms: Solving problems, IT events.
3. Checklists: Check the results and measure the success action.
4. Procedures: To improve quality actions, IT performance.
5. Event Reports: To communicate information, operating status of IT management.
6. Logs: To record the history progress and resolve IT problems.
7. Charts: Management of IT system changes.
8. Processes: Monitoring the chain of IT operations.
9. Samples: Samples of typical situations in real IT world.
10. Plans: These plans to allocate responsibilities and IT resources (staff, time, cost).
11. Assessment: The assessment of the situation and business.
12. Guidances: The detailed documentation.
13. Rules: The rules and regulations for general IT systems.
14. Policies: These policies ensure that IT activities in business development needs.
15. Questionaires: The questionnaire that helps to investigate and survey the activities related to (human, process, technology)
16. Comparison charts: A comparative evaluation of selected resources suitable for the investment needs IT systems and equipment.
17. Scorecards: Used to assess the scale with the level of service, risk and capabilities are deployed.
18. KPIs: The only report results of IT operational capacity (people, systems and services) compared to the target register.
19. Strategies: The strategy pattern improvement, investment in IT systems of short-term or long term.
20. ITwares: The IT Manager software to monitor, manage your IT infrastructure

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