Thứ Hai, 20 tháng 7, 2009

Hop'3D sence from Friendster

Today I want introduce you for my face at Frienster . It is great for making 3d sence that I use in and Now I want to share by

In other way you can see me at Friendster or you can watch my blog at friendster

By The way I write my feeling about :
SAIGONNIST : I want to say that "Saigonnist" >Its meant . The people who lived in Ho Chi Minh city HCM city , place there are many residents from over all provinces of Vietnam . The Differences of their performance show to owning eating " Tet " . For example China communities concentrated in " Cho Lon " market Who have eaten the "Tet" fowlling their tracditions.
But all communities have the " Tet" as traditions of Vietnam . In the fields of Life by the proverb " Eatting as the Northers - Wearing as the Southers " and Eatting as the Southers - Working as the Northers ". In reverse of livng methods of two sectors . The Northers have eaten royal dishes - The Southers have worn in the model fashions .

The Samples for the Souther just are the "Saigonnists"

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