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One of the best possible solutions

As an affiliate marketer the one thing I could never compete with the big guys on were the bonus packages they would offer to get the all important sales to get themselves in the top ten promoters lists to claim the JV prizes. And its not just the prizes at stake either, to be seen in top promoters lists on launches can mean huge rewards for months after the launch is over. You see the Guru's watch those lists and if your consistently mentioned in top promoter lists they will seek you out for their launches. That means you have some leverage with them and can count on their support when you want them to promote for you. Adding a huge bonus offer to a promotion can make all the difference. So here it is your passport to getting on those all important top promoters lists => Doors will open on the 5th March, But meanwhile drop in and take advantage of the free report they are giving away as a pre launch gift => One of the best possible solutions for increasing conversions is to offer a bonus as an incentive. You can’t just offer any bonus, though. It should be something that is related to the original affiliate offer, and it should be something truly valuable that complements the affiliate product well. Let’s face it, people love getting “gifts”. Everyone loves free stuff, right? And if the gift has a very high perceived value, and it goes well with the offer, it will increase conversions like nothing you’ve ever seen! The right bonus can double, or even triple your conversions. Best of all, bonuses are really simple to provide. Years ago, whenever companies would provide bonuses for their products, it had to be a physical product. Before the internet, there was no way to deliver a digital download. Even software products had to be loaded on disks and shipped. These days things are much simpler. Digital downloads can be incredibly powerful motivators, especially if they complement the product well. For example, if you’re promoting a course about making money with blogs, you could offer bonuses such as WordPress themes, blog security plugins, or other similar bonuses. Not only can bonuses skyrocket your affiliate conversions, but you can also make money via upsells through those bonuses. A really good OTO can make you more money than the affiliate commissions themselves! Find out more at => Now access now for making your own at Ohloh profile for hoploh

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