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The Architecture

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Architect and Artchitecture : By Denis Sharp

Tracking the beginning of architecture from Neolithic times.
Artchitecture has allways been commonly regarded as one of the Arts . Incorparating as. It does the Arts of both painting and scalpture , it has indeed been called the “ Misstress” art, but unlike the other arts it alone is useful in the ordinary sence of the word , unlike pictures , poems, Scalpture and music, it protect us from the rigours of the environtment . In it , artistic expression and functional fitness are inextriccably mixed together .
Artchitecture is also recognized as having a socio- political functions , reinforcing the authority of those who seek to organize the society in which they live . For architecture represents an influent picture of the ideal world, drawing mankind along various paths of social development evolution . At its most basic , the term ‘ Artchitecture “ can also be used to descbibe any structured object . In this sence the catheral , the bicycle shed and even the pine tree , the ants’nest on the sea shell could all be apprecition of built form even if . We take the more convention in view and believe that artchitecture only correctly describe as building . Which does more than serve a basic function and delights the sences , such as the great temples and palaces and other habitable products of the famous designers . As the no- universially agreed definition – even the consise oxford English Dictionary , the rather vague definiting artchitecture as “ …. Think built , stucture styles of building , construction “ Artchitecture may be taken to mean any habitable building with a foem dictated by consideration beyond pure utility . The Earliest surviving examples of stone build architecture date back six thousand years but the roots of artchitecture go back further still . The tendency for mankind to organize its communities and habitations into meaningful shapes seem instinctive , like the drive to make pictures , to dance or to sing . Impermanent artchitecture probably flourished ( within the limits of it builders’ resourses ) . For many millenia until human resourses made it possiples to give artchitecture a more lastry and permanent expression . Artchitechologist recording evidence of neolithic settlements have uncovered evidence of fairly extensive village complexes . Lines of post holes preserved in the old layers of clay give , a clue to the kind of structure , these prehistoric peoples built . However , there is little evidence of the “artchitecture “ of these people in the sence of the aesthetic effect sought after and the means by which It was archived and while the traces are of intense acedemic interest , they supply us with little information as to how the building actually look . However , this ephemoral artchitecture is not entirely last to us beyond all conjecture . In order to imagine , come of its probably forms . We need only look at the contemporary building of cultures with story neolithic roots


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